Young women producing a podcast for a business

Tips for Hosting a Podcast

Are you considering hosting your own podcast? You may be surprised to learn that only a few podcasters have taken classes in professional radio production. But that’s okay because this type of content creation is very different from its traditional sibling. If you haven’t dipped your toes into the world of podcasting, you may think of it as a conversation that’s been recorded amongst experts in a given field about a particular subject. It is the most authentic sort of content marketing you are likely to encounter because it isn’t forced, scripted, or in any other way manufactured.

There is only one issue. If you decide to start creating podcasts for your hobby or company, you’ll need to accept the fact that you’ll need to locate a presenter, whether it be yourself or someone from within your business. Here’s the good news if you’re the one in charge of the podcast. We have some helpful suggestions to help you get started! 

Have an Outline for Your Podcast 

If you follow a rough structure when creating your first podcast, you’ll feel much more comfortable. Just keep in mind that this isn’t a script; rather, it’s meant to summarise the main elements of the discussion you’ll be having. Avoid scripted podcasts at all costs since they sound awful and make everyone uncomfortable. In contrast, your overview should just have five to six sentence-long bullet points.

Know Your Guests in Advance 

When there are one or two guests on board, podcasts are at their best. In light of this, if your guests aren’t close friends, you’ll need to make sure you get to know them beforehand. Plan a time to meet up and talk about the podcast’s outline if it’s convenient from a geographical standpoint. Furthermore, you can establish a rapport over the phone or via platforms such as Zoom, which you can take over into the podcast itself. It will significantly alter things.

Remember to Take Your Time 

Podcasts aren’t live. Instead, they are recorded in advance and edited before release. You can therefore make mistakes. You don’t have to worry about losing your audience if you ‘uh’ and ‘err’ a little (but try to do so as little as possible as it will only stretch out your editing time). After recording, all of that information can be cut out.

The most crucial action is to take your time. Establish a general time frame with your visitors and keep a running timer, but try to avoid having everyone “race for the exit” by moving through the outline quickly.

Be Yourself 

You may not be a radio DJ, but as was stated at the beginning of this article, you don’t need to be to host a podcast. In actuality, that would be the absolute worst kind of person you could be! The real people who created the episodes they are listening to want to be heard by podcast listeners. And that’s great news for you because it eliminates the need for you to put on a persona that isn’t at all representative of who you are.

Enter the podcast as you would a room filled with acquaintances. Be genuine.

Take a Podcast Presenter Masterclass 

Anyone and everyone can be a great podcast presenter, but it takes confidence and a genuine interest in the world of podcasting to be successful. None of your characteristics—including age, experience level, and professional background—matter if you don’t have the confidence to get your point across.

Our three-day training will provide you with everything you need to establish your business or advance your radio or podcast presenting career. This rigorous three-day training emphasises practical application and hands-on learning. Sure, we discuss the theory, but you have to put it into action. A key component of this course’s continuous success is the in-the-moment feedback and guidance on how to elevate your podcast presenting skills. We are incredibly delighted to inform you that a lot of our clients have gone on to make successful careers in the sector. Our distinctive, experience-based training techniques consistently produce positive results.

At The Broadcast Institute, everyone is welcome. Most importantly, we’ll transform you into a much better presenter in just a few days. Think this could be the podcast presenter course for you? Click here to book a free 15-minute consultation with our founder and lead media trainer, Paul Connolly.